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The New 007 Superspy is a Black Woman, get over it.

When British journalist Ian Fleming wrote the first novel featuring Agent 007, famously known as James Bond, in 1952, the character was born as a composite based on a number of operators that Fleming had known during his service with the Naval Intelligence Division during the second world war. Taken in context, a British Intelligence…
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Jodie Turner-Smith; From ‘Queen & Slim’ to Queen of England

Nothing sets the twittersphere buzzing quite like announcements of film or television projects involving stories ripe with cultural appropriation or the contemporary imagining of famous historical figures. Such was the case with the announcement that British-born Jamaican actress and model Jodie Turner-Smith has been tapped to portray Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King…
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Space City Shows; Emerging Pandemic Entrepreneurship

Like something out of an H.G. Wells novel, an invisible threat emerged suddenly and without warning, and then progressively and methodically brought the world to its knees. With all of our technological advancements and collective scientific and economic resources, we have been rendered powerless by a mysterious Corona Virus that baffled the world's best scientists…
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