One of the darkest days in our history? Not even close.

In President-Elect Joe Biden's speech to the nation, following the insurrection, and attempted coup d' etat of the government, he described the event as "one of the darkest days in the history of our nation". Well, I'm not sure whether or not he is suffering from selective memory or implicit bias, but either way, he is not even close. And while we're at it, let's call these what they really are, not dark days, but violent white tantrum days.

Tulsa Race Massacre 1921

If breaking windows and doors, and forcing one's way into the Capitol building, which caused a delayed certification of the electoral college votes, is qualification for one of the darkest days in the history of our country - not to make light of the four deaths that resulted from the breach - then what about countless deaths resulting from more than two centuries of slavery? What about the days of Jim Crow, and the thousands of lynchings therein? How about entering into two world wars, behind the facade of fighting for liberty and democracy, while simultaneously deploying and maintaining a segregated army in order to maintain the oppressive ideology of white supremacy?

No. The events of January 6th, 2021 was one of the most embarrassing days for white people, in our long history of domestic and international duplicity and hypocrisy.

Black people far and wide, along with white people that are willing to face the truth, know that there are two distinct America's that exist within our border. And the treatment of, and reaction to the citizens of the two America's reflects the stark difference between two realities.

All across the country, as Trump supporters gathered and positioned themselves all around the Capitol building, black people watched in amazement. With most police officers dressed as though it was just any other day on duty, they showed such remarkable patience and restraint in the face of growing aggression, that the Dalai Lama himself was probably contemplating sending new temple recruits to join the U.S. Capitol Police for supplemental training.

A quick Google, or YouTube search will return countless reactions from black people from all walks of life, that run the gamut of genres; comedic, sarcastic, frustrated, and outright shocked. Different perspectives that all arrive at the same conclusion, that if the protestors had been black, the reaction and outcome would have been completely different.

Of course, white politicians, heads of law enforcement, and conservative new media will all deny this, and accuse black people of exaggerating, or employ their favorite go to, "playing the race card". Only problem with that is, the evidence provided through the law enforcement response to the BLM protest at the Lincoln Memorial. Police and National Guard were deployed in anticipation of something and a non-violent protest. Yet when there were armed white nationalists flanking the Capitol building, it was no reason for alarm apparently.

News media, also showing its blind spot when it comes to American history, continue to reference the burning of the white house by British Troops in 1814, as the last time we've seen something so despicable, ignore the fact that it happened during the era of slavery. NEWSFLASH: the white house was built by slaves, and after it was burned, it was slaves.

Donald Trump at the Jan. 6th, Save America rally, the incitement to the insurrection

For black people across the United States, the insurrection is seen as yet another culmination of the sins of racism and white supremacy. An event, instigated by a racist, narcissistic president, after four years of being empowered and enabled to do and say whatever he wanted, without repercussions. To try and feign innocence now is both ridiculous and insulting, also known as continuing an American tradition.

The sins of the father are visited upon the son. So unless and until the United States purges its sins and takes a real look at the corrupted foundations upon with our country rests, we haven't seen he last of our historic violent white tantrum days. In fact, as our country continues to become more and more brown, and disturbed, poorly equipped white people witness there ill-perceived control slip father and farther away, these types of events are just beginning.