The purposely blurred line between life and art.

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Even in these fast moving days and times, of social media tweeting, video conferencing, and cloud technology, most Americans – adult and child alike – have heard of the age old causality dilemma; Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Some of the champions of the ongoing debate now incorporate science and technology in order to formulate and support their arguments, which of course adds plenty of new food for thought.

Another topic in the area of causality that we find even more interesting and relevant, is the slightly lesser known question; Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?

Here at Imajen, we are very conscious about the use of art; the composition of images, language, music, and media in the support of imagery relating to people of color in general, and black people specifically. We understand the unique power that media has in planting seeds that can subsequently influence thoughts, beliefs, and perception. So when we consider the plethora of images in the media which continually portray black people in what we consider to be a less than favorable light, we inevitably question not only the source of origin, but the motivation behind it and as well as the purpose or goal of unrelenting repetition.

While we do not release the facemen and women from culpability in assisting in the perpetuation of stereotypical movies roles, music videos(rap videos in particular), selective news story coverage, magazine covers, viral videos, etc. But what about the contributing catalysts, the fuel behind these vehicles?

There needs to be an environment that supports(receives) this imagery, right? Moreover, consumers that readily accept, if not crave – whether on a conscious or subconscious level – the images(input) without posing a mental or verbal objection.

In this age of notoriously short attention spans, rapidly advancing technologies, constantly changing styles, attitudes, and culture….how is it that black people can push everything forward EXCEPT how we are perceived and portrayed? Chance? Bad luck? No.

The short answer: By design.

It is a complex construction of interwoven and interdependent variables meant to hold people in place mentally. It fits the figurative definition of a matrices(plural of matrix); which is an array of numbers, symbols, and expressions.

The good thing about a matrix, and hence matrices, is that like most all problems…solving it/them is just a matter of identifying the variables, defining the values, and then using the proper approach to consider and calculate a solution.

We will begin regular matrix breakdowns, which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in 3 minute segments, beginning next month, hosted by Imajen’s resident codebreaker @blaxmatrixhax.

“Changing your mind, 3 minutes at a time.”

More to follow…