50 Cent Endorsing Donald Trump is surprising? Not.

Curtis Jackson, professionally known as 50 Cent, the millionaire, the rapper, film and television producer, business man, has sent the social and conventional media into a tizzy with one simple action; advocating Donald Trump for President, and stating that he doesn't care whether or not Donald Trump likes black people.

Well, first let me say that the statement in and of itself, even considering the part about Trumps lack of concern for black people, is not necessarily illogical. As a people, black folks have this condition of wanting to feel good about the candidates we advocate or vote for, on an emotional level, and that has factored into our position of being perpetually used by politicians during the election cycle, and then promptly forgotten about after the election.

Quid Pro Quo has been the law of the land, in this place now known as America, since the country's founding. It is a Latin phrase, which defines the exchange of goods and/or services, in which the exchange of one is contingent upon delivery of the other. Quid Pro Quo, roughly translates to "This For That". In the political arena, the black community as a whole has traditionally not understood the value and leverage to be derived from our vote, and subsequently we have given away our support in hope, that the beneficiary of our vote will show his or her gratitude by backing measures and policies that will channel good fortune our way. The problem is, THAT is not how the political game works. If you give your support away for free, then you cannot logically act surprised when you get nothing in return, because by definition, giving something away for free is called a charitable donation. So if you expect something in return, you have to state it upfront.

In 50 Cent's case, his reason for advocating Donald Trump is based on democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden's proposal of how he intends to increase taxes on individuals that make more than $400,000.00 per year. Given that 50 Cent's business and entertainment ventures pushes him easily into that category, it should not be surprising that he is now openly endorsing Donald Trump, who we know is predisposed to promoting and supporting policies for the benefit of corporations and the rich, which ultimately helps himself and his family. This self-serving mindset is a direct reflection of 50 Cent's position, as his presidential endorsement of Trump to his followers, is in consideration of the benefit to himself, and very few of the people that follow him. -Working people that are currently footing the bulk of the tax load, because the rich are able to avoid it through the legislative okie doke and creative accounting.

Of course, in this current climate of racial strife, and the resurgence of outspoken racists and racially motivated incidents, which people believe has been inspired by the Donald Trump presidency, 50 Cent's assertion that he doesn't care if Donald Trump doesn't like black people is a clickbait headline maker's dream come true. But again, viewed on the level of Quid Pro Quo, he is looking to leverage his advocacy; his vote and those of as many of his followers that would fall in line with him, in exchange for continued financial considerations that will benefit him fiscally, not the warm fuzzy feeling that the politician has an affinity towards him personally. The sad and sobering truth is, that the majority of U.S. presidents have had very little regard for black people.

It does amaze me though, how quickly 50 Cent's history has seemingly been lost in the mist of celebrity infatuation. We are talking about Curtis James Jackson, a former drug dealer, who became very successful in that endeavor prior to his entry into the music industry by enriching himself at the detriment of others, and black people specifically. People love a good rags to riches story, black folks like hearing about a "come up", and America loves to promote the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" narrative, because it supports the existence of the few having so much, while the many have so little. Over the past few years, 50 Cent has become well known for "starting shit" by throwing shade, spreading rumors, and trolling celebrities, public figures, and others online. But his followers routinely overlook his negativity and ignorant as harmless entertainment. "Let's see what 50 is on today." Crazy thing about that, is that dynamic is a lot like Trump and his supporters.

People in general, and black people specifically, need to be more conscientious about what we are digesting, and that means physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If we knowingly support those that do not have our best interest at heart, in spite of evidence to the contrary that we shouldn't, then to feign surprise when they show their true colors is, in a word, disingenuous.

When someone tells you who he is, listen. When someone shows you who he is, believe him.